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Eligibility Assessment

Our team of UK-qualified solicitors have extensive knowledge of the requirements students have to meet to get their application to be accepted.

Visa Form Completion & Documentation Reviews

With us, you will never have to worry about filling tedious forms because we will be taking care of them for you. Our lawyers will also review your documents to make sure they meet the required conditions.

Going Beyond the Application

We firmly believe that assessment does not end with paperwork. We go beyond that and learn as much as we can about you to help make your case stronger.

Full Representation

Representation can make or break a case. For instance, if you have the funds but have been exempted from meeting the English language requirements, you are expected to present yourself in such a manner that it is clear to the Entry Clearance Officer that your lack of the requirement will not hamper or affect your life and chances in the UK.

Dependent Applicants

You can also take your family along with you to the UK! Our Lawyers also provide applications for the dependents for the UK Student Visa. The requirements for the dependents are different, but we cater to those too.


Showing your capability to support yourself through your funds is an important part of the application. We help you meet these requirements through the use of your savings, fixed deposits, savings in the name of parents and even government funding! We aspire to help you find the most optimal ways of meeting this requirement.

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